Names of the Characters in Bridgerton

If you have been watching Netflix’s Bridgerton, you must have noticed all the beautiful names of the characters and might be considering using them, for your little ones or maybe even for yourself. Here we are going to take a closer look at these names.

Source: Netflix
Source: Netflix

The Bridgertons

Did you realise the Bridgertons were named in alphabetical order? 

Violet Bridgerton, Dowager Viscountess, the mother

Violet means purple flower and it is the February birth flower. The flower symbolizes loyalty and faithfulness. Violet has been a popular baby girl’s name since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their daughter Violet in 2005.


Anthony Bridgerton, Viscount, the eldest Bridgerton

Anthony is a boy’s name that is in use comfortably almost anywhere. Common but classic, the name Anthony has been steadily on the top for centuries.


Benedict Bridgerton, the second Bridgerton child

The name Benedict is a boy’s name meaning blessed. It is a more distinctive choice from the “Ben” family. 


Colin Bridgerton, the third Bridgerton child

Colin is the masculine given name with two distinct origins. In Old French, it is a diminutive form of Nicolas (Nicholas), while it means pup from the Old Irish. It is a popular baby boy name in Ireland.


Daphne Bridgerton, the fourth Bridgerton child and eldest daughter, the main protagonist

Daphne is a distinctive yet charming and romantic name. In Greek mythology, Daphne was turned into a laurel tree by her father, the river god Peneus, in order to save her from Apollo’s romantic obsessions. Despite Daphne's intense insistence that he leaves her alone, Apollo vowed to honour her forever. Since then, Apollo made the laurel his sacred tree.


Eloise Bridgerton, the fifth Bridgerton child and second daughter

The name Eloise means famous warrior and is of French origin. Not every classic name is fashionable, and vice versa, but Eloise qualifies for both.


Francesca Bridgerton, the fifth Bridgerton child and third daughter

Francesca is an Italian female given name. It is a softer choice than the classic Frances. Girl names ending in “A” are trending in recent years. 


Gregory Bridgerton, the seventh Bridgerton child and youngest son

Often shortened to Greg, Gregory derives from the Latin name Gregorius which means vigilant. Classic never goes out of style, just like this name.


Hyacinth Bridgerton, the eight Bridgerton and youngest daughter

Hyacinth is a gender-neutral name but used primarily as a girl's name. Flower names have started to trend again as favoured baby names, and Hyacinth is one of the unique floral names.

Other Major Characters

Simon Basset, Duke of Hastings

Simon is a common boy’s name with Hebrew origin, meaning “listen”. This name is a rather popular choice for decades possibly because it’s classic, simple and doesn’t sound old-fashioned at all though with a biblical background.


Prudence Featherington, the eldest Featherington daughter

Virtue names, also known as grace names, are making their return, and Prudence is one of them. Apart from being a lovely name itself, it also has a few lovely nicknames, eg. Pru, Prue, Rue, etc.


Philippa Featherington, the middle Featherington daughter

Philippa is a girl’s name, the feminine form of Philip. It’s a fashionable name in England but not so in the US. 


Penelope Featherington, the youngest Featherington daughter

Britain was the first to appreciate the name Penelope but is swiftly catching up in the US. It is a rhythmic classic name that has been chosen by many celebrities for their baby girl. 


Marina Thompson, a Featherington cousin

Marina is a female given name, meaning “of the sea”, the feminine form of Latin Marinus. It’s a name occurring in many European languages as well as Japanese and Malay.


Cressida Cowper

Cressida is a pretty mythological heroine who appears in many retellings of the story Trojan Wars. Though she later becomes a figure of a faithless lover in those tales, the name now sounds fresh and distinctive.


Siena Rosso, an opera singer who is Anthony's lover

Siena, also often spelled as Sienna, is a feminine given name derived from the Italian city. The name is currently popular in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.


Queen Charlotte

Charlotte is an elegant female given name, popularized by England's Queen Charlotte Sophia, wife of King George III. Sophisticated and royal, it becomes a very likeable choice to a lot of parents. Charlotte also has a varieties of nicknames for consideration, eg. Charlie, Lola, Lottie, Char, Chaz, Harlie, etc.

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