US Official Top Baby Names of 2021

United States most popular baby names of 2021 are here! Compared to last year, the top 10 has not changed much, Olivia and Liam once again topped the list. The only surprise probably is the new name, Theodore, appeared on the top 10 boys' names.

Theodore made a surprising leap of 13 places, replacing Alexander at 10th, while Alexander fell three places to 13th. Other than that, there was a slight change in the boys' top 10. James, which was originally ranked 6th, moving up by one place, replacing William at No.5, while William fell one place.

As for the girls' names, Amelia rose two places to 4th, Charlotte rose one place to 3rd, Ava fell two places, and Sophia fell one place, ranking 5th and 6th, respectively, in the top ten.

Here are the top 10 top names and their rank changes.

2021 Top 10 Baby Boy Names

Liam [=]
Noah [=]
Oliver [=]
Elijah [=]
James [+1]
William [-1]
Benjamin [=]
Lucas [=]
Henry [=]
10 Theodore [+13]

2021 Top 10 Baby Girl Names

Olivia [=]
Emma [=]
Charlotte [+1]
Amelia [+2]
Ava [-2]
Sophia [-1]
Isabella [=]
Mia [=]
Evelyn [=]
10 Harper [=]
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