What’s in a name? Plenty! A name generally provides great information about oneself. It can represent gender, ethnicity and may express personality characteristics. Through NameChef, not only will you find those mentioned above, you might find other interesting facts and stories about the name too. For example, Ariel is a gender-neutral given name, which means “lion of god”. It was primarily used as a boy’s name but in recent years, it has been more often used for girls, probably due to Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

As a parent-to-be, choosing a name for your baby is one of the most enjoyable tasks. It is also one of the most important gifts you will give to your little girl or boy. There are so many options that you had a hard time deciding which to use. Most might want to choose a name that is common, ordinary and will not attract needless attention. There are also some that would like uniqueness, a more distinctive name.

With NameChef, you will be able to make the task more interesting and fun. Other than having a great number of baby names, NameChef also provides inspirations based on characteristics and Chinese names

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