Chinese Name to English Name

After racking your brains deciding the Chinese name for your baby, picking the English name is another challenging yet, fun task for parents. Chinese generally have a few ways picking an English name. Below are two of them:

One way is to select the name based on the meaning. For example, the name Ethan is a male given name meaning firm and strong, Abigail is a female given name meaning joy and Ashley, a unisex names that means ash tree can be representing reliable. If you would like to try this approach, click here

Another way is matching the English name to similar pronunciation of the Chinese words. For example, Hong Kong top singer, Eason Chan Yick-shun (Chinese: 陳奕迅), has matching pronunciation of Eason to “奕迅” (Yick-shun). Other examples are Jay Chou(Chinese: 周杰倫), where Jay complementing the Mandarin pronunciation of "杰" (jie) and Jackson Yee (Chinese: 易烊千璽), Jackson to “千璽” (qianxi), but in a reverse way.

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